Product Pricing

  Product Name Description Price Availability
Neuromorphic Data Microscope 4.0 Neuromorphic Data Microscope 4.0 Includes a Neuromorphic Data Microscope 4.0 processor implemented on a commodity, Arria 10 based PCIe interface card and associated software. $20,000 per system Now
Graph Compiler Release 1.0 Graph Compiler Release 1.0 Graph-based, multi-dimensional compiler with specific support for TPU version 4.0. $100,000 per copy Now
PCRE Graph Compiler 2.0 PCRE Graph Compiler 2.0 Generalized graph-based, multi-dimensional compiler includes class collapsing, sub-graph rearrangement & global sub-expressions. $90,000 per copy Now
Neuromorphic Behavioral Algorithm Package 1.0 Neuromorphic Behavioral Algorithm Package 1.0 Product includes Neuromorphic behavioral algorithms optimized to run on the Neuromophic Data Microscope Release 4.0 with PCRE Graph Compiler 2.0. Product automatically tracks important classes of attack behavior, "Tracking the Known", and improves the fidelity of the alert database. $105,000 per copy Now

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