Frequently Asked Questions

What is NPUsearch™?

Lewis Rhodes Labs, Inc. developed NPUsearch, a novel regular expression-based search-in-storage technology.  NPUsearch completes rapid, deterministic content search of massive data lakes without indexing.

Who can best use this technology?

Any industry, company, or government agency with petabytes or more of storage data whose mission is frustrated by search limitations. Full content search of data requiring no indexing and completed in minutes is a game changer for all types of Big Data Analytics including cyber forensics, AI and machine learning. Queries with typical run times of days or weeks can be completed in under 25 minutes.

What are the competing solutions?

The Neuromorphic Processing Unit (NPU) is an entirely novel hardware technology.  The NPU approaches data challenges from a radically different perspective, providing an otherwise unavailable capacity to content search petabytes of data files in minutes without indexing. 

What does neuromorphic technology mean?

Neuromorphic technology means that the NPU was modeled using select features of the human brain.  The novel pattern matching capability of the NPU is an entirely new methodology for rapid content search of unindexed data. 

How much additional equipment would I need to support NPUsearch?

Self-searching storage looks like a standard file system except that data can be rapidly searched.  All compute required for search is within the appliance. There are no additional system modifications, CPU or network requirements to deploy. 

How much additional training would our analysts need?

NPUsearch exists behind a neuromorphic driver and compiler that fully translates and integrates the technology.  The novel technology is invisible to the user.  Analysts can search data through a python-based API using regular expression style queries.

Where would I find more information?

Solution Briefs are available on the PRODUCTS page.